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Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Windows

Window replacement is something we keep on hearing about. It has become a reality slap for homeowners as they continue to discover the benefits of replacing old and poorly functioning windows. Here are 5 reasons why you should start thinking about window replacement.

1. Safe From Harm

With time windows can start to lose their primary qualities. Wooden windows last to about 15 years, while vinyl ones can reach 40. No matter the type of window, each of them is affected by aging which results in loosening up, rotting and tons of unseen scratches. Apart from losing their insulation quality, old and malfunctioning windows can become a safety hazard for homes. Windows with loose locking systems make it easier for intruders to fulfill their maleficent dreams. Poorly functioning windows also decrease safety from storms, difficult weather and UV rays damage.

2. Foggy Glass

There is a possibility that you have malfunctioning windows if window condensation is common for your household. There are many reasons for having fog on the window glass. Some of them are high humidity and climate change. They don’t pose a threat to your home’s insulation and can easily be solved with humidifiers. But with time glass can break on the inside and cause air to be trapped between the panes.  This is why other causes and problems such as faulty sealant and window type require glass and window replacement.

3. Saving Money

It is widely known that the type of windows you have in your home determine the amount written on your energy bills. High energy bills indicate that it’s time for window replacement since windows have a key role in sustaining ideal room temperatures. No heating technology can save you from poor insulation if your windows keep on letting unwanted hot air exist and cool air enter the living area. While you are doing window replacements, keep in mind window characteristics as R-value, U-values and Energy Stars which provide you with information about the window’s energy efficiency.

4. Noise Reduction

The most beautiful things about a home are calmness and privacy. With the exception of curious granny’s, no one wants to hear their neighbors rattle on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Not many people know, but bad soundproofing happens because of low quality windows. They can stop absorbing unwanted outside noise and start letting it pass through and enter your private living areas. This is common for old windows or poorly installed ones.

5. Style Change

A common motive for doing window replacements is simply making a change and refreshing an aspect of your daily routine. Change is always beneficial as it teaches us different methods of appreciating life. Planting a new flower in the garden can make your whole week filled with excitement. The same goes for window replacement. Changing the frame of your view will inspire other changes, ones that you might have never imagined.

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Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Just like every part of your home, windows sometimes need to be replaced. Whether it is because you are moving into a new house or because you decided to renovate your old one. Change is always good and here is a list we made with some benefits of window replacement.

1. Reduced Energy Bills

Windows have life spans too because with time their functionality dwindles. Old windows usually have loose or rotten frames, scratched glass, leaks, pesticide problems and are less energy efficient. By replacing your windows as soon as possible, you will be getting the newest mechanisms and materials for increased functionality. New and modern windows will stop the cool breezes from entering your home which in the future will reduce those high energy bills.

2. UV Protection

Windows with poor or thin glass absorb less light and sound. If not properly filtered before entering your home, UV lights can cause severe damage to furniture, carpet and artworks. They will also make it harder for you to relax or read a book. While replacing your windows choose a glass that will prove as the best light and sound insulator for your home. Usually, those windows have double or triple panes which are filled with air instead of gas.

3. Increased Home Value

Window replacement is one of the home renovations that add to your curb appeal. Buying and renovating a home is the biggest investment you’ll be making in your entire life. Do not miss out on window replacement as it gives extra security, aesthetic value and energy efficiency for your household. When choosing your windows try to keep in mind the nature of your home. Each type of windows is suitable for different types of houses and living areas.

4. Increased Security

Buying new windows and ensuring their proper installation is a safety measure above everything else. Windows which have cranking systems tend to be safer. Another important thing is the type of glass your window has. You don’t want having windows which are easily breakable. Besides safety from burglars and intruders; mind your emergency exit plan. The type of windows that your home has should depend on that exact plan. You don’t want being stuck in a certain room and having an awning window as the only option for an exit.

5. Low Maintenance

As time goes by, technology develops and today we have the best material for windows, ever! The moto of the 21stcentury is less maintenance and longer lifespans. The materials from which your windows are made determine the amount of time you have to spend in their cleaning and renovating. For instance, did you know that vinyl framed windows don’t require repainting? They are also immune to rot and bad weather conditions. Investing in new windows will save you up on some extra spending you’ll need to make for renovations and repainting projects.

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